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Piccadilly Ref 818010 Special Occasion Glamorous Sandal in Gold Striking Design

$179.00 NZD
Glitter Rose

The wide and robust base makes it ideal for those who prefer a taller and more striking design.


Introducing our Special Occasion Glam Sandals--the height of haute couture and coddled comfort. Put your party persona into overdrive with these unrepeatable shoes that marry style and softness sublimely. Don't endure the agony of restrictive footwear--say yes to an evening of unabashed pleasure. Handmade in Brazil, these celebratory shoes are a testament to impeccable skill and unrivaled fashion.Dare to dazzle with our Special Occasion Glam Sandals anytime you need to get gussied up. Whether you're flaunting a fancy frock or a dashing jumpsuit, these shoes will add a special sparkle, composing a dazzling ensemble. Feel alluring and self-assured with this head-spinning look-- you'll shine brighter than the stars at every special affair.To finish your fabulous look, pair your outfit with a luminescent makeup mix including rose-pink eyeshadow and illuminator. 

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The Piccadilly brand is recognised for its superior quality and supplies shoes to many airlines companies. Check here more comfort differentials.