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Animal prints will dominate your looks in autumn-winter 2019

Animal prints will dominate your looks in autumn-winter 2019

Animal prints will dominate your looks in autumn-winter 2019.

They never go out of style, but they are now higher than ever. Animal prints, especially snake and jaguar, made headlines this fall-winter season 2019. The great trump of these prints is that no look goes unnoticed. Just a small detail that the visual already transforms from basic. And although it seems very difficult to combine, it is not.

Anyone can use and combine with the clothes that already wear. Check out some tips below and get into it.

How to use animal prints.

It has often been attributed to wealth. Other, glam rock style. But currently, the jaguar print is accepted at any time and situation, including during the day, combined with jeans and other more informal elements. The jackets have won fans last winter and this year should continue to be successful. If you are not accustomed to the feline or snake pattern, you can start by combining it with basics. Black, white, jeans or some tone that appears in animal print, such as brown or blue, depending on the part. A more daring option, but one that is also accurate, is to compose with vibrant colors. For example: a piece of an ounce with a red one, a snake with a green one. Joyful colors enter more and more strongly in the cold seasons.
If you are already in advanced level of use of prints, you can choose one and use from head to toe. When you feel secure with what you are wearing, everything is valid.

Animal print in the Autumn Winter Collection Brazilian Shoes 2019.

  The autumn-winter collection of PICCADILLY once plunged into the animal world. The snake and ounce prints are present in shoes, scarfs, sneakers, boots and even in sneakers, blending the cool with the elegant. There are options for all styles and tastes, that is, it is very easy to get into this trend. Check below some of the models that Brazilian Shoes has brought for the season. If you prefer, go to the website and see all the models.