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MaxiTherapy. Total well-being for you feet. Feeling of freedom when you walk. Your body thanks you. With women's well-being in mind, Piccadilly offers the maximum in comfort with MaxiTherapy shoes. Smart technology. Whoever wears them notices the benefits immediately. Special material. The innovative biofiber mantle is one of the brand's exclusive technologies.
Find out why we are leaders in comfort. Get to know every detail of our exclusive technologies. Watch the video and learn more about our exclusive technology.

Piccadilly shoes create benefits for the whole woman's body:

  1. Helps prevent varicose veins 2. Reduces fatigue 3. Speeds healing 4. Helps eliminate toxins 5. Renews your body, spirit & state of mind 6. Relives pains 7. Helps to reduce inflammation 8. Assists in cellular renewal 9. Stimulates the circulation 10. Accelerates the metabolism 11. Slows the ageing of the skin 12. Combats stress



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