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PICCADILLY Receives Gold Seal in Sustainable Origin Program

PICCADILLY Receives Gold Seal in Sustainable Origin Program
PICCADILLY Receives Gold Seal in Sustainable Origin Program in APRIL 04, 2019.

PICCADILLY has participated in the Sustainable Origin program since 2013, when it received the bronze seal. After further optimizing its processes, it won the silver seal in 2016. The most recent victory was to achieve the gold seal, which means that the company meets 90% of the indicators of the program created by the Brazilian Association of Footwear Industries (Abicalçados) and by the Brazilian Association of Leather, Footwear and Artifact Components Companies (Assintecal) with the support of Instituto By Brasil (IBB). The goal is to recognize sustainable initiatives of companies in the leather-footwear sector and encourage engagement in these practices. Since 1996, when there was not much talk about the subject, the theme was already reality within the company and the achievement of the seal proves this. Among the actions highlighted are social and environmental campaigns and programs, rational use of water and energy, control of the origin of the raw material, reuse of waste generated in the process for the manufacture of new materials, training for employees and leadership, end environment for all types of waste generated.  New projects and the search for diamonds Although it has gone a long way toward sustainability, PICCADILLY goes further and wants to get to the diamond seal. The latest project is the reuse of synthetic PU chips, which aims to reduce and reuse solid waste. Through reverse logistics, this material returns to the company as insoles, which reduces approximately 50% of the raw material already used. To achieve the diamond seal, PICCADILLY is committed to making new investments in social, cultural and environmental actions, especially those related to the well-being of employees, new customer requirements and technologies capable of preventing the negative impacts caused to the environment.