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Learn how to identify and minimize plantar fasciitis pain


Learn how to identify and minimize plantar fasciitis pain

THE plantar fasciitis can affect up to 10% of the population. The condition manifests itself mainly between 40 and 60 years old, but it can also reach younger people. Who better explains how to identify, prevent and minimize pain is the orthopedic doctor and foot and ankle specialist Luis Alberto Rubin.

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PICCADILLY – How is it possible to identify fasciitis? What are the characteristic symptoms that require attention?


Dr. Luis Rubin – It usually presents as a pain ( like a burning or sting ) at the bottom and on the side of the heel. The pain happens mainly in the first steps of the day. It is also characteristic that it gets worse with bare feet or with the use of low shoes.


PICCADILLY – What are the causes of plantar fasciitis? Can the characteristic be genetic?


Dr. Luis Rubin – The main cause is the lack of stretching of the calf muscles. People who are sedentary or who do not take care of their physical condition tend to have more fascination. Obesity and diabetes can aggravate the problem. Some genetic situations can also cause fasciitis to occur more frequently.


PICCADILLY – Are there ways to minimize pain in the inflamed region?


Dr. Luis Rubin – Yes, there are several measures that can be taken for relief and treatment. The main measures are adequate shoes, stretching exercises, use of anti-inflammatory drugs and physical therapy.


PICCADILLY – If plantar fasciitis is suspected, how should the woman proceed?


Dr. Luis Rubin – Heel pain can be a sign of other problems, then the safest and most appropriate way is to consult with a professional to accurately identify the problem and thus treat it properly.


PICCADILLY – Is it possible to prevent plantar fasciitis? What are the main steps?


Dr. Luis Rubin – Yes, it is possible. Do oriented physical exercises, maintain a good stretch, control weight, these are measures that greatly reduce the chance of this problem occurring.