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Piccadilly Ref 745030 Women Oxford Ankle Boot Black

$139.00 NZD $179.00 NZD

 Heel 6.5cm.

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Find out why we are leaders in comfort. Get to know every detail of our exclusive technologies. Watch the video and learn more about our exclusive technology.

Piccadilly differences:
- Exclusive Insoles. It's like walking in the clouds.Walking never felt so good.The most advanced innovations for the comfort and well-being of your feet. Much more comfort. You'll not only look beautiful, but your feet will stay rested all day. Special material. Cushioning and shock absorption, antimicrobial treatment to prevent odors, reducing the natural moisture of the feet, everything your feet deserve. Smart design. Special design that massages your feet.
- Dry System: reduces the feeling of moisture. Special material. Imported anatomical latex insole, exclusive to Piccadilly. 100% polyester fabric on the top to absorb moisture. Smart design. The insole has holes and channels to provide better ventilation and air circulation, increasing the feeling of comfort. Total comfort. Distributes the plantar pressure homogeneously, minimizing discomfort and injuries.
-Super Comfortable Foot Shape. Prevents tightenings, maximum comfort.The technology that leave your feet free of tightenings.Exclusive technology to prevent tightenings and make your feet more comfortable.Smart design. Provides the maximum in comfort from the heel to the tips of the toes.Special measurements. Three special measurements that respect the anatomy of the feet.

- Silent Heel. Firm steps without noise. The technology that absorbs impacts and reduces the noise of the heel when walking. Heel without attachment joint, always ensuring a stable, silent stride. Comfort for the feet and the ears. This benefit is for women who love heels, but don't want to hear the knocking sound when walking. Heel made with special material and without any attachment joint, so it absorbs impacts and reduces noise, always ensuring and stable, silent stride.

MaxiTherapy. Total well-being for you feet. Feeling of freedom when you walk. Your body thanks you. With women's well-being in mind, Piccadilly offers the maximum in comfort with MaxiTherapy shoes. Smart technology. Whoever wears them notices the benefits immediately. Special material. The innovative biofiber mantle is one of the brand's exclusive technologies.