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Piccadilly 979004: Wave goodbye to the obsolete notion that sneakers are confined to the realm of sportswear. Elevate Comfort and Wellness with Every Step - Perfect for Health Professionals and Stylish Work Environments

$179.00 NZD


Embark on a journey of unparalleled well-being and care with Piccadilly's Reference 979004shoe. Meticulously crafted with a focus on professionals, especially those in the health field, this footwear is meticulously engineered to deliver optimal comfort during extended periods on your feet or demanding shifts. Immerse yourself in innovative cushioning facilitated by strategically positioned openings in the sole.

Bid farewell to the outdated belief that sneakers are solely reserved for sportswear. The Piccadilly 979004 effortlessly marries functionality with style, positioning itself as the perfect companion for sophisticated and formal attire, seamlessly complementing tailored pants.

Feel confident in investing in this refined creation, where the fusion of comfort and fashion is executed flawlessly, proudly handmade in Brazil.

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The Piccadilly brand is recognised for its superior quality and supplies shoes to many airlines companies. Check here more comfort differentials.