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Piccadilly Ref 818009 Special Occasion Glamorous Sandal in Sparkling Glitter Rose Gold Striking Design

$179.00 NZD
Glitter Rose

The wide and robust base makes it ideal for those who prefer a taller and more striking design.

Title: "RadiantGlide Special Occasion Shoes" Description: "Step into the world of Sparkles Elegance Comfort with our RadiantGlide Special Occasion Shoes.

Elevate your party experience to unforgettable heights with this superb combination of style and comfort. Designed to delight your feet on those special moments, these shoes are a must-have for anyone who wants to dance the night away without a hint of tightness or pain. Crafted in Brazil, our special occasion shoes are the epitome of fashion and functionality.

RadiantGlide shoes are the perfect choice for a glamorous look at any event. Whether you're wearing a chic dress or a stylish jumpsuit, these shoes will effortlessly complement your attire, creating the most flattering composition. With RadiantGlide, you'll shine all the time, leaving a lasting impression at every special occasion. Make your mark with the ultimate in comfort and style. Experience the magic of Brazilian craftsmanship with RadiantGlide Special Occasion Shoes. Dazzle and dance the night away! Our RadiantGlide Special Occasion Shoes are designed for maximum comfort and glitz. From swanky soirees to intimate gatherings, this stunningly stylish Brazilian craftsmanship will make for a memorable night. With RadiantGlide, your clothing will be the perfect accompaniment to your gleaming look, guaranteeing you'll sparkle throughout the evening!

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The Piccadilly brand is recognised for its superior quality and supplies shoes to many airlines companies. Check here more comfort differentials.