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Sparkling Champagne Elegance: Piccadilly Ref: 122005 Flat Heel Shoe – Stylish & Cozy

$159.00 NZD
Sparkling Champagne

1.0cm heel height.


Fall in love with these eye-catching Sparkling Champagne flats that will easily enhance any outfit. Enjoy the quality and craftsmanship of Piccadilly, a renowned brand that delivers on both fashion and comfort. Experience the stability and ease of walking with the flat heel design - perfect for those days that just keep going! Delight your feet with all-day comfort, designed to keep you feeling your best from sunrise to sunset. Whether you're off to work, a special evening, or running errands, these flats will finish any look. Make the ultimate style statement with Sparkling Champagne Elegance and Piccadilly Ref: 122005 Flat Heel Shoe. Invest in your wardrobe today!


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The Piccadilly brand is recognised for its superior quality and supplies shoes to many airlines companies. Check here
 more comfort differentials.